Are you thinking about living in Santa Clarita and want to know how walkable it is? In this video, I’m going to break down the walkability of Valencia, an awesome neighborhood here in Santa Clarita. We’ll go through all the main areas of Valencia to give you an idea of how you can get around.

Santa Clarita, as a whole, is not known as a very walkable area. Most people have to commute or have to drive to work because we aren't close to a lot of businesses. However, in my opinion, there are some great walkable areas here in Valencia. We also have bikeable areas as well, with tons of bike paths, paseos, and passageways to get through different neighborhoods.



Granary Square

The first place we’ll visit is Granary Square, located on McBean Parkway between Del Monte and Avenue Navarre. It extends all the way up both sides of the McBean Parkway; one side we refer to as “Granary Square” and the other side we call “The Summit.”

In the Granary Square area, you’ll find a variety of different neighborhoods. This includes the Discovery Tract, the Bungalows, the Heritage, the Sunrise, the Santa Fe condos, the Siena Villa condos, Las Ventanas, Arbor Park, and Royal West.

On the Summit side, you’ll find the Chelsea, the San Marino, Stratford, and the Windemere. That area is pretty walkable, as it features the Granary Square Shopping Center. Here you’ll find Ralph's grocery store, some restaurants, a bank, and a few different places to go shopping. It's just a nice little hangout area that you can walk to.

Valencia Crossroads

What people love about the area are the paseos. You don’t have to limit your walking to the sidewalk by busy streets and noisy cars. The paseos are passageways that go throughout the neighborhood, many of which include little bridges crossing over the streets. In most cases, you don't even have to cross the street in those areas.

In addition to Granary Square, there is now a shopping center called Valencia Crossroads. Located at the corner of Valencia and McBean Parkway. Here you'll find a Kohl’s, Whole Foods, an Islands restaurant, and a bunch of little central restaurants and bakeries. You can also enjoy wine tasting, a spa, a place to get your hair, and more.

Town Center

Between those two shopping centers, I would consider the area very walkable area. While it's a little further, there's also a bridge that goes to the Town Center parking lot—our major mall in the area. Town Center has Macy's, an Apple store, all kinds of shops, tons of restaurants, and a movie theater.

While it's a little bit further of a walk, the paseos and bridges allow you to get all the way to the mall without ever having to cross the street. So even though they say that Santa Cruz is not considered a very walkable area, it’s one of our most walkable neighborhoods in Santa Clarita.


The second area we’ll explore is Bridgeport, a really nice community that features a lake within its boundaries. It’s located right near McBean Parkway and Newhall Ranch Road. If you live in Bridgeport, you have access to that lake and a clubhouse. While you can’t swim in the lake, you can enjoy it via a paddle boat or paddle board. There are lots of ducks to watch, and the scenery is very pretty.

Bridgeport has quite a few neighborhoods. These include Cabot Bay, Back Bay, Spinnaker Pointe, Stoney Point, the Colony, the Cove, the Islands, the Landing, and Waterford. All of those are townhomes located within the Bridgeport neighborhood.

The Bridgeport Marketplace

The Bridgeport Marketplace is right across the street from the lake. It features its own pond full of ducks, and they do actually cross the street. You’ll spot the duck crossing signs on the major streets in the area, so be careful whenever they’re crossing. When you're stuck and aren’t in a hurry, it’s really cute to watch them walk across the street.

Bridgeport Marketplace is a very nice area. It has quite a few restaurants including California Pizza Kitchen, Marston’s (which has a great brunch), a sushi bar, a Mexican restaurant, and a brand new breakfast restaurant opening in that shopping center. You’ll also find the Valley Marketplace, a small family-owned market that carries all kinds of different items.

If you're looking for something that you can't find at a regular grocery store, you can often find it at Valley Marketplace. They have plenty of fresh produce along with international foods and spices. If you’re looking for something new or different, be sure to check it out.  

Along The Riverbed

If you want to go to the other side of Bridgeport towards the mall, you’ll find a riverbed between Bridgeport and River Oaks Shopping Center. It's not a very far walk to get there, where you’ll find Target, some small restaurants, Ulta Beauty, Sprouts, and more.

Traveling along the riverbed on the paseo is very enjoyable. It’s walkable, and you’ll find a lot of people strolling and biking on the path. So whether you want to ride your bike or travel on foot, you can easily get where you need to go while enjoying the scenery.


The next area to consider is the Northbridge neighborhood, located between Newhall Ranch Road, Decoro Drive, and McBean Parkway. I’m going to include Creekside in this as well because it's just on the other side of McBean Parkway. Again, all of these areas have a ton of bike paths.

When it comes to walkability in the Northbridge area, there are paseos—but not as extensive as in other neighborhoods in the Granary Square area. Still, they do have quite a bit. You’ll find quite a few neighborhoods in Northbridge, which has 20 tracts of homes. This includes communities like Cottage Hill, Country Gate, Cheyenne, Castle Rock, and more.

As you go across the street to Creekside, you’ll find Andorra, Brookside Walk, Somerset, Summer Grove, the Willows, and the Windsor Collection. The Bridgeport Marketplace is nearby, giving you access to all of those amenities.

The Northpark Village Square

Close to Northbridge, you’ll find the Northpark Village Square. This area features the Wolf Creek Brewing Company, S & S Donuts, Ralph's, McDonald's, Trader Joe's, Rite Aid, and more. Northbridge is within walking distance of both shopping centers, depending on exactly where you're at.

Northpark Village Square also has a variety of restaurants and more. From Northbridge, this is a fairly walkable area where you can walk to grab dinner or get some groceries. We also have Northpark, which is not quite as walkable as some of the other neighborhoods. However, I want to mention it because it's really close to Northpark Village Square and all its amenities.

Walkability In Valencia

I hope this gave you a good idea of some of our most walkable areas of Valencia. If you have any questions about Valencia or any area in the Santa Clarita Valley, feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to connect. I sell real estate, so I’d be glad to answer any of your real estate-related questions as well.

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