Selling Your Home tips

Feb. 19, 2021

Should You Hire A Real Estate Agent? Here's Why You SHOULD!

Are you thinking about selling your home but don’t know if you should do it yourself or hire a realtor? In this video, I'm going to describe the whole home buying process to you so you can make an educated decision on whether or not it's best to ...

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Oct. 22, 2020

How Much It Really Costs To Sell Your House


Have you decided to sell your home but are wondering how much it’s going to cost you? In this video, I'm going to show you exactly how much it's going to cost you to sell your home. When you know your selling closing costs upfront, you’ll know ...

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Aug. 5, 2020

3 Stages of Selling Your Home



Congratulations on making the decision to sell your house, but if you’re like most normal people you are probably wondering... “Where do you start? How does this all work?”


Hi, I’m Tami Cicerello with The Cicerello Team and on this video I’m going to walk you ...

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