Did you know there’s more to the Santa Clarita Valley than just riding roller coasters at Magic Mountain? In this episode of Living In Santa Clarita, I’m going to break down some of the areas of California’s Santa Clarita Valley so you can get a good idea of what it’s all about. We’ll look at the neighborhoods, communities, and amenities of the SCV so you can decide if living here is right for you.

Santa Clarita Valley is a great place to live. While it’s known for being the home of Six Flags Magic Mountain, there's so much more it offers. Santa Clarita Valley is actually broken down into six different areas: Valencia, Newhall, Saugus, Canyon Country, Stevenson Ranch, and Castaic. These last two areas have been kind of lumped into the Santa Clarita Valley area, although they are just outside of the city limits.


The first area of the Santa Clarita Valley we’re going to start with is Valencia. Valencia is the area that people think of when they think of Santa Clarita, especially because it’s where Magic Mountain is located. The area is a planned unit development community, so there are a lot of areas within Valencia that all have their own little HOAs. This includes mini pools and spas, little walkways that go throughout the community that are lit up at night, and a lot of shopping and restaurants.

Valencia is a focal point of the area, a place where people come to shop and eat. It’s close to the 5 Freeway, so prices are a little higher for the easy commute. The location lets you get to the San Fernando Valley or the city of LA for work. While it’s a little pricier in some of the other areas of Santa Clarita, it's beautiful.

The planned development community makes it so that all the roadways have a lot of greenery and trees. You'll really appreciate what you get there for your money, and the schools are great—meaning you don't have to worry about private schools. A lot of people thinking about relocating to LA County are often attracted to the Valencia area.


The next area of Santa Clarita we’re going to look at is Newhall, the oldest area within the city of Santa Clarita. It’s the small triangular area just as you get to the 5/14 Interchange. If you take the 14, it’s the first couple of exits. If you take the 5, it’s the first two exits. Newhall is where a lot of filming started back in the 40s and 50s, and even silent movies were filmed here. A lot of country western movies were also filmed in Newhall back in the day.

This is an area where a lot of people came to hang out because they wanted to get away from LA. Many old-time movie stars that came out to Santa Clarita stayed in Newhall to take a break from the rat race—if you could call it a rat race back then. You can also find Disney Ranch Studios here—which is doing filming still to this day—that has a whole little ranch off of Placerita Canyon. We also have William S. Hart Park, a great place to enjoy petting zoos and museums.

In addition, Santa Clarita has had over 1,500 film days last year, meaning that over four people were filming on average per day all of last year. Our entire city as a whole made over $37 million in revenue just from filming that happened here in Santa Clarita. Don't be surprised as you're driving through the area to see people out there filming a show or movie.


Our next stop is Saugus, a great little area that’s just a bit farther from the freeway. Depending on where you're at in Saugus, you can work anywhere. It takes about 8 to 15 minutes once you get off the freeway to get to your home. This nice area nestled in the mountains also boasts great schools.

Much of the construction is a little bit newer, starting from the 1970s and spanning until today. There's also quite a bit of construction going on in Saugus. Overall, you're going to get slightly bigger yards for your money and a little bit bigger home for your money. The yards in Saugus are overall a little larger than in Valencia because you’re farther from the freeway.

Living in Saugus gives you the chance to feel like you’re away from it all, and it’s an area I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a home. It’s a nice, quaint area with really good schools. I raised my daughter in Saugus and had a great experience.

Canyon Country

Canyon Country is located just a little bit farther up the 14 freeway from where Newhall is. It’s not too far commute-wise, with most of Canyon Country located close to freeway access. Some really cool things have been added to Canyon Country in the last few years, with our community center as the most recent addition.

This beautiful community center has amazing artwork, great playgrounds, large rooms for dance classes, and even a whole kitchen for cooking classes. It also offers daycare and after-school care for kids, so it’s something you’ll really want to take a look at. In addition, they also have the bike track, which is a dirt bike race track for pedal dirt bikes—not motorcycles.

There's also a great skatepark in Canyon Country, where a lot of kids go and hang out. There are jumps and ramps and all that good stuff for them. Additionally, the local sports complex has a water park and more cool things offered to local residents. Lastly, we just recently opened our new state-of-the-art sheriff's station in Canyon Country as well.

Stevenson Ranch

A lot of people are attracted to the area of Stevenson Ranch. This community is close to freeway access and features newer built homes from the mid-80s to the early 2000s. It's a beautiful community located up on hillsides with plenty of cool views. Additionally, the community has low association fees, so there aren’t any community pools or spas. However, they do have a great park with lots of tennis courts.

Because Stevenson Ranch is close to the freeway, living here means you’re close to a lot of restaurants. Commute-wise, you can't beat it. If you're a commuter, you’ll definitely want to check out Stevenson Ranch. Home options range anywhere from condos up to multimillion-dollar properties, depending upon what you're looking for.


Castaic is also just a little bit farther north up the 5 Freeway, so you're going to have to travel a little bit further north. Again, Castaic is located right off of the freeway, so there's not a whole lot of driving once you get off the freeway. This area boasts Castaic Lake and offers fishing, boating, water skiing, snow skiing, paddle boarding, and all kinds of outdoor activities.

You can also find a nice, newer sports complex along with plenty to do in the area. There’s tons of hiking, making Castaic the perfect spot for outdoorsy people. There's also the canyon, which is going to have a lot of horse property as well. So if you're looking for something where you can keep your horses right there at your home, that might be an option for you.

In the last three years, Castaic added a state-of-the-art high school with many cool features. It’s more like a junior college than a high school, and they are doing open enrollment. Because it's such a large school, people are coming there from other parts of the Santa Clarita Valley just to be able to attend.

Make The SCV Your Home

I hope this gave you an overall view of each area of the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas. In future videos, I’m going to do a deep dive into these individual areas so you get to know each one in detail. So if you’re considering making a move to Santa Clarita, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of my show.

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