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Sept. 25, 2022

3 Reasons People Move To Santa Clarita Valley

Are you thinking of making a move to the Santa Clarita Valley but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea? In this video, I’m going to share the three biggest reasons why people move to Santa Clarita. We’ll look at everything from the schools to its proximity to LA so you know exactly what to expect.


The Schools

There are three big reasons why people choose Santa Clarita as their home—and no, it's not Magic Mountain. The first reason people move here is the schools. As a realtor, I can't tell you what schools are good and what schools are bad. However, I can tell you that we have some of the highest-ranked schools in the state of California.

People have different reasons why they choose a school. Most people choose schools because of their rankings as far as academics. Others, however, choose them based on their sports programs or a variety of different criteria. You’ll want to do some investigations on your own. While I can tell you how they rank, I cannot tell you what a “good” school is. After all, your definition of good might be different than mine.

To help, this website will show you all the different schools and districts in the Santa Clarita area. You’ll find a school locater as well, allowing you to enter any address to see the schools nearby. You can then click on the school to learn all about it and choose the best one for your kids.

A Safe Environment

The second reason people are moving to Santa Clarita is safety. We are one of the safest cities in the nation. There are two different rankings that we have. One, by SmartAsset, ranks us the third-safest city in the nation. This ranking compares our city to the top 200 cities of similar size in the United States.

Another ranking by SafeWise puts us as the 13th safest city in California. This is because there are a lot of little tiny towns and areas in California that we’re being compared to. These places have no crime because they only have anywhere from 900 to 2,000 people. Here in Santa Clarita, we have a few 100,000 people.

When you compare those numbers, obviously we cannot be the third safest city in the nation when you’re comparing us to small towns as well. Still, Santa Clarita is a super safe area overall. It’s the third safest in the nation when compared to areas of similar size and the 13th safest city in the state of California.


The third biggest reason is proximity to LA, Burbank, and Glendale. These are places people travel to or work in, but don't necessarily want to live in those areas for a few reasons. Maybe it's just too expensive down in the city. Maybe it's because they don't like all the traffic. Either way, Santa Clarita is a suburb of LA that provides a great alternative.

This means that once you get home, it's not as crowded and it’s a newer area. We have great schools, lots of parks, a lot of recreation, and plenty of things to do. Everything's just a little bit more spread out. You actually get nice-sized backyards and a lot of different things you cannot get down in LA. It’s also safer for your kids to go outside and play.

Santa Clarita is considered a bedroom community, although we are growing. The city is adding a lot of companies that want to have a place in Santa Clarita because a lot of their employees live there. They can give them a better quality of life, especially if employees don’t have to commute every day.

Enjoy California Living In Santa Clarita

So if you're thinking about moving to California and you're considering Santa Clarita, I definitely recommend a visit. I just had somebody call based on one of these videos the other day, and they're coming out next week to take a look around. I’d be happy to give you a tour and show you around to help you get to know the area, so feel free to reach out to me.

If you want to learn more about what Santa Clarita offers, make sure you subscribe to my channel. I post a few times a month and talk about the different areas of Santa Clarita—including the activities and amenities it offers. , we talk about things to kids, three things you could do here just about everything you could think of. Stay tuned to see what I feature in the next episode!

Sept. 12, 2022

Moving To The Santa Clarita Valley With Kids

Are you thinking about moving to Santa Clarita, California with your kids? In this video, I’m going to give you the lowdown on everything kid-related here in Santa Clarita. We’ll look at the schools and many activities you and your family can enjoy so you’re best prepared for your move.


The Schools

If you’re thinking about moving here to Santa Clarita and you have kids, one of the things that people come here for is our great schools. I recommend looking into the area you want to be in with the schools that you’re interested in when you're starting your home search. Do a little research, find out more about the schools, and narrow down what areas you want to be in.

You’ll also want to think about preschools. If you have little ones and they are going to go into preschool, preschools do fill up around here pretty quickly. You’ll want to make sure that you get on the waiting lists for both the schools and the preschools.

If you're going to need after-school care, some of the school offers this. But again, those do fill up, too. There are a lot of services out here in Santa Clarita that will actually pick your kids up and take them over to their daycares facilities for after-school care. This is something I recommend you look into if you need that.

Team Sports

If your kids like sports, we here in Santa Clarita are very into our sports with our kids. Sports that are offered include soccer, football, more football, and all kinds of different activities in the schools. There are dance classes, wrestling, and everything you can think of. So if your kids are into sports or you want to get them into sports, make sure you look at the scheduling because some of these do fill up.

Additionally, some of the sports have to have tryouts. This ensures that they put kids together that are in similar capability levels when they're on a team. If your kids are into sports or if you just want to get them into sports, it's a great way for them to meet more people with similar interests, be active, and get out of the house.

Whether it’s soccer, baseball, basketball, football, dance, wrestling, or cheerleading, make sure you look into the scheduling. Again, many of these classes do fill up, especially depending on the season and what's going to be offered.

HOAs And Aquatic Centers

The HOAs are another great way for you and your kids to meet people in the neighborhood. If you buy a house that is in an HOA, I recommend getting involved. Try to go to some of the meetings and activities. Some of the HOAs even offer swim lessons and swim competitions, so make sure you check into that.

If you don't have an association with a pool, Santa Clarita does have two aquatic centers, one in Castaic and one in Canyon Country. So if you're looking to meet people and get out of the heat, this is a great place to play and get in the water.

Outdoor Activities

When you're moving to this new town and you have kids, one of the things I recommend is to go and check out what we have to offer outdoors. There are concerts in the park and many different hikes in the area.

Hiking and biking are really popular in Santa Clarita. We have a lot of hiking trails, as there are mountains surrounding our entire area. Make sure you check out all the different hiking trails around here. There are a ton of them and they're at all different levels, perfect for everyone from little ones to teenagers and adults.  

We also have biking trails that go through Santa Clarita from Valencia to far into Canyon Country. There are over 60 miles of biking trails in Santa Clarita, so I highly recommend you check it out. It's a great area for cyclists, and cyclist groups get together to go on rides that last for miles and miles.

There’s also a Saturday biking night that’s a casual ride for families. You can bring the kids and end up at a little restaurant to have dinner or snacks. This is another great way to meet people and is open to all levels and ages.

Theme Parks

As you probably know, Santa Clarita has Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor right in our backyard. What a lot of people don't realize is that season passes are very reasonably priced. You can get a season pass and go to Magic Mount or Hurricane Harbor anytime you want.

My daughter is older now, but when she was little, we used to just go over there and visit the kiddie area. We would hang out and have for two hours and then go home for naptime. It became our morning ritual, a fun and convenient activity to do with the kids.

They even have passes that include parking, and you can also get a combination pass for both parks. Prices are currently at about $225 for the year which includes access to both parks, or you can pay around $150 for a pass to just one. Pricing changes all the time, so make sure to check the Six Flags website for the latest pricing.

City And County Parks

Another amenity Santa Clarita has to offer is 35 city parks—some of which have pools. Most of them also have baseball diamonds and all kinds of other activities. For example, Central Park has hiking trails, an extra gardening area, basketball, baseball, soccer fields, and everything you could think of. It’s also the park that houses our concerts in the park in the summertime.

In addition to the city parks, there are some county parks and neighborhood parks in the area. If you also have a furry kid, we have quite a few dog parks as well. At last count, we’re up to six dog parks for your four-legged friends to enjoy. The kids will love it, too, because they can take their dogs and see them play with pets of all sizes.

Enjoy Family Life In Santa Clarita

I hope this gave you a good idea of everything that Santa Clarita has to offer for families with kids. I’m a real estate agent in Santa Clarita, so if you are thinking of moving to the area, please reach out to me and my team. We'd love to help you out and answer any questions you have, even if you're not thinking about moving here for a year or two.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you never miss an episode of my show, all about living in the Santa Clarita Valley. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

Aug. 26, 2022

10 Things People Complain About Santa Clarita

Are you thinking about making a move to Santa Clarita but want to know what it’s really like to live here? In this video, I’m going to share 10 things people complain about living in Santa Clarita, California. We’ll look at everything from the weather to housing prices so you can decide if settling here is right for you.

I know it might be weird to have a realtor telling you about the things that people don't like about an area. However, if something isn’t your cup of tea, you should know about it upfront before you decide to make a move here. We’re going to explore these 10 not-so-great things about Santa Clarita, starting with the weather.


#1: The Heat

Right now in August, it’s over 100 degrees in Santa Clarita—although it’s not over 100 degrees every day. Some days there’s a tepid humidity, though we don’t get a lot of it compared to most parts of the country. Just be prepared that there will be quite a few days over 100 degrees, sometimes even a week in a row.

When we’re not over 100 degrees, there are a lot of days in the 90s. So if heat is not your thing, Santa Clarita may not be the right place for you.

#2: Traffic

Santa Clarita has grown a lot in the last 10 to 30 years, so we do have some traffic issues here. We have put in a lot of new roads and a cross-valley connector that goes all the way from the 5 and across town to the 14. There's also Plum Canyon that now goes through as well.

Additionally, there has been road widening and all kinds of things to help with the issue. The bottom line, though, is there are still some traffic issues. If you compare it to the San Fernando Valley or LA, our traffic is not really a thing. But when compared to other parts of the country or other areas, we do have some traffic issues. Keep that in mind if you're thinking about making a move to Santa Clarita and traffic is not your thing.

#3: Track Homes

The third thing you might not like about Santa Clarita is we have mainly track homes. If you are looking for a custom home, we do have some areas that have that. However, if you're looking for an area where homes are a little unique and different, every neighborhood in Santa Clarita is track home driven.

There are areas in older neighborhoods where there's a lot more originality to some of the houses. This is because they've been redone and remodeled, making them look different than most of their neighbors. Overall, we are a track home type neighborhood. This also means a lot of smaller lots, though we have decent sizes when compared to LA.

#4: Mello Roos

Much of the newer construction out here does have what's called a Mello Roos tax. This is an additional tax that shows up on your property tax bill and covers things like your roads, infrastructure, police departments, fire departments, and more. Instead of paying that money upfront, some builders are actually putting that into the tax bill.

This means you are paying less for the house. If it didn't have the Mello Roos tax, you'd be paying more for the house. This is because the builder would have paid more to be able to build that house. With the Mello Roos tax, builders wouldn’t have to come up with quite so much upfront. They could get their build done, the consumer would buy the house, and they would have that extra bit onto their loan.

Those loans are usually 30-year bonds. If you buy a house that’s 20 years old, they may only have 10 years left on that bond. But if you buy a brand new house, it’s about 30 years—while some are 20 to 40. The majority of them are 30-year bonds. That being said, Mello Roos isn't a big, huge negative that a lot of people think it is.

It's not great, don't get me wrong. However, if you're comparing apples to apples and you had two houses that were exactly the same—where one had a Mello Roos tax and one didn't—you’re going to pay more for the house that does not have that Mello Roos tax. The purchase price is going to be higher, so it’s just something to keep in mind.

#5: HOAs

Number five is HOA fees. While this could be a positive for a lot of people, for some people it is negative. This is especially true if you don't like the fact that an HOA is going to tell you what color to paint your house and what you can and can't plant in your front yard.

A lot of people like HOAs because you know your neighbor next door is not going to paint their house green with purple polka dots. You also know that your neighbors are going to have to keep the landscaping up or else they could get a fine. And if their trim isn't painted or it starts peeling and there's peeling paint everywhere, the HOA will make them get that painted.

Another benefit to the HOA is that many of them have pools, spas, tennis courts, clubhouses, and park areas. Some even have swim teams organized for the kids and events for the family. HOA fees can be both positive and negative; it just depends upon you.

#6: Fires

Number six is fires. We are a valley surrounded by mountains, and we’re also in Southern California. This means we do have fires. In California, we have a fire season. You need to make sure you consider that when you're choosing your home.

Some houses are closer to the mountains and closer to the brush than others. Something you have to decide is what is important to you. If you want to live by the ocean, there's a possibility that there could be some issues when there's a high tide. It’s the same thing with fires. You have to make sure you keep all that in mind.

#7: Earthquakes

Another big one is number seven: earthquakes. If you live in California now or you're moving to California, you have to be aware there are earthquakes. I'm a California girl and I grew up here, so I have been through numerous earthquakes—and a couple of really big ones.

Even so, nobody likes them and nobody gets used to them. Depending on where you're at in the country, you're could have earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes, or floods. You’ve got to pick your poison. California has earthquakes and so does Santa Clarita.

#8: Around Town Traffic

While we already covered traffic, another thing to consider is traffic around town. We’re a bedroom community that’s growing our industrial area, and our office building area is growing immensely. This means a lot of big companies are moving to the area.

At the same time, a lot of people still commute to LA, the San Fernando Valley, Glendale, Palmdale, and Lancaster. I even have a client that commutes to Bakersfield. Depending upon where you're going to be working, you may be commuting. With that comes even more traffic.

As you get onto the 5 and the 14 freeways, you are going to hit some traffic, depending upon the time of day that you are traveling. My recommendation is if you know that you're going to start work at 8:00 in the morning and get off at 5:00 pm, those are the worst times. Make sure you're okay with that drive.

There will be better days and worse days. If it's a holiday weekend, Friday nights are horrible. Just FYI, Friday mornings are great, but Friday evenings coming back from San Fernando Valley or LA are horrible. If you are a commuter, definitely check out not just the miles but the commute times.

 Miles don’t mean as much in California as they do in some other parts of the country. Make sure to check out the time of day that you're going to be traveling and what the actual commute will be like.

#9: Nightlife

Number nine is nightlife. We do not have as much nightlife as some people would like, so this doesn't affect me—especially because I've been married forever and ever. However, for some people it is. We do have some nightlife here, don't get me wrong. This includes some really good restaurants, with new eateries coming into the area that aren’t just chain restaurants.

Additionally, Downtown Newhall just went through a renovation. There’s also Main Street with really nice bars, restaurants, and wineries. However, in comparison to some other areas, we do not have much nightlife. If nightlife is important to you, then you are going to have to plan to drive for some nightlife. You’re either going to be driving down to the San Fernando Valley, LA, Glendale, or the Burbank area. It just depends on what you're looking for.

One spot we do have is The Canyon, which brings in bands and hosts dancing. There are a few other bars and restaurants around town that offer some extracurricular activities going on in the evening. For the most part, you're probably going to want to leave the valley if you're really looking for nightlife.

#10: The Price Of Housing

The final thing people don’t like about Santa Clarita is the price of housing. If you're coming from another state and you're moving to California, housing is going to be more expensive for most people, depending upon where you're coming from. There's just no way to get around it if you are moving to California.

However, if you're looking at Santa Clarita’s home prices, we are just above average for California based on a study done in 2020. For California, Santa Clarita is in the 86th percentile when it comes to the cost of housing. However, if you compare our housing prices to LA County, we're a little below average. It just depends on where in California you're looking.

So if you want to make a move here, prices are not super low, but they aren't crazy high either. They are a little above average for the state of California and a local low average if you're just looking at LA County.

Is Santa Clarita Right For You?

I hope this gave you a good idea of some things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about moving to Santa Clarita. I know you probably think it's weird that I’m a real estate agent telling you all the negatives of living here. However, I want you to make an educated decision and know what you’re getting into.

I don't care what people tell you: no place is going to be perfect. There are always going to be negatives, and I like to be honest and truly give you all the information you need. I’m not going to just sugar coat it and give you the positives. So if you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out and give us a call and we’ll be happy to connect with you.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel as we investigate the six different areas of Santa Clarita. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

July 31, 2022

A Tour Of Newhall In Santa Clarita, CA

Are you considering moving to Santa Clarita, California, but don’t know which area to choose? In this video, I’m going to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of living in Newhall, one of the six different areas of Santa Clarita. We’ll explore everything from Old Town Newhall to housing options so you can see if Newhall is the place for you.

Welcome To Newhall

Newhall is the oldest area of the Santa Clarita Valley. It's the closest area when you're coming up over the 5 or the 14 freeway from the San Fernando Valley and LA. As you come up over the 5, keep going straight to find Newhall off of the first two exits. If you take the 14, it’s the first couple of exits as well—making a triangle shape.

The area south of Lyons and west of Via Princessa is all part of Newhall. Additionally, Placerita Canyon is also included, which is near Newhall Avenue. Throughout the entire area, they've been doing a lot of renovations—including Old Town Newhall.

Exploring Old Town

Old Town Newhall—which is like our Main Street—is so beautiful. Lit up at night, you’ll find some great restaurants, bars, wineries, and breweries to grab a bite and a drink. There’s so much to do, from art exhibits and a new movie theater to live shows at places like Hart & Main. Some of these shows are free and some of them are very reasonably priced.

Overall, Old Town Newhall is a neat little area to go down on a Sunday afternoon, grab a glass of wine, and see an art show. This pocket of the community has all been renovated in the last 8 to 10 years. At the end of Main Street is also our newest library, the Newhall Library—and it’s huge. This beautiful building holds a lot of events, and I definitely recommend checking it out.

Main Street Activities

Main Street attracts people from all over Santa Clarita because it's got great restaurants, bars, shows, and things to do. They also host SENSES, a block party held on the third Thursday of every month from March to October. Every month has a different theme and features bands, food trucks, and all kinds of different things to do.

Another fun event is Light Up Main Street, which happens in November and runs through Christmas. The whole street is lit up throughout the holiday season and also features a huge Christmas tree. It’s so beautiful, so make sure you check out Main Street at Christmastime. In addition, don’t forget to visit the Old Town Newhall Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

People come from all over the place to bring fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, arts, crafts, and more to the Farmers Market, providing patrons with a variety of things to purchase. It’s located off of Main Street near the Newhall Library.

Arts And Eateries

Main Street offers a variety of arts and culture options. This includes The Main, a small theater that offers all kinds of different shows. As I mentioned, some of them are free and some of them are for a minimal cost. This eclectic assortment of shows changes every month, so there's always something new going on. In addition, they also have a couple of different art shows every month featuring mostly local artists.

As far as restaurants, there's everything you could want on Main Street. You’ll find everything from burgers, barbecue, and sushi to Mexican and fine dining. So if you’re hungry, just walk down Main Street to figure out what you want. There’s also a creamery that makes ice cream right there at the shop, so be sure to stop in for dessert to sample some of their really unique flavors.

Other dessert options include a churro shop with different toppings and a couple of bakeries, too. As you can see, you can make a whole night of a trip down to Main Street. You can have dinner, grab dessert, and wrap up your evening with some cocktails. You’ll find three different wineries on Main Street, two different breweries, and a few different pubs and bars.

Location And Housing Options

In addition to close freeway access, we also have the Metrolink with its own station located in Newhall. You’ll have easy access and lots of parking.

While there aren’t many cons to living in Newhall, one I can think of is that there are quite a few older apartment complexes in the area. While they're mostly isolated to one area, there are quite a few of them. Other than that, I don't have a whole lot of negatives to say about Newhall.

Make Santa Clarita Your Home

I hope this gave you a good idea of everything that Newhall has to offer. If you have any questions about the area or want to make Newhall your home, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help.

Newhall is just one of the areas of Santa Clarita, California that’s worth checking out. For more information about Santa Clarita living, be sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of my show. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

July 19, 2022

All About Canyons Country Living

Are you thinking about moving to Santa Clarita, California, and want to find the best place to buy a home? In this video, I’m going to give you a tour of Canyon Country, one of Santa Clarita’s six areas that you’ve got to check out. I’m going to break down the sections of Canyon Country so you can find out what makes each community special and unique.


Welcome To Canyon Country

If you want to live here in Santa Clarita, you need to check out all six areas before you make a decision. These regions include Valencia, Saugus, Canyon Country, Newhall, and Stevenson’s Ranch and Castaic. The latter two are not really parts of the city limits but are so close that we always kind of bunch those in there. 

Today, we're going to talk about Canyon Country, which can be broken into six sections. The first is Whites Canyon. The second is what I call the Soledad Corridor; it doesn't really have a name, but it’s the area stretching from Shangri La (which is right near Sierra Highway) all the way up to the end of Canyon Country. 

The other areas of Canyon Country include Sand Canyon, Rainbow Glen, Fair Oaks Ranch, and the new area, Aliento. 

Whites Canyon

Let’s take a closer look at Whites Canyon, one of the oldest areas of Canyon Country. After the war in the 1960s, the government built homes in this community. They were allowing the vets to come back and buy them with $100 down and very low monthly payments. There are still some original owners of these homes, which make up the whole lower section of Whites Canyon. 

As you go up the hill, you’ll find some newer and larger homes. The Whites Canyon area also hosts Canyon High School and Sierra Vista Junior High. Additionally, there are quite a few apartment complexes in the area.

Soledad Canyon Corridor

The next area is the Soledad Canyon Corridor. The reason I'm calling it that is because it runs the entire length of Soledad Canyon. In this area, there are a lot of different homes of varying types, styles, sizes, and price points.

You're going to find something in just about every price range—from condos and townhomes to really large luxury homes. This area also offers great freeway access, so if you are commuting, you’re right off the 14 Freeway. 

Rainbow Glen

Our next area of Canyon Country is Rainbow Glen. This area is located right off of Soledad and Rainbow Glen, hence the name. You’ll find homes and a lot of detached condos here—which also means you’ll have a lot of homeowner’s associations. Thankfully, though, there are no Mello Roos in the neighborhood.

Not only do they have pools, but most of those areas also have tennis courts as well. The majority of the housing options are those detached condos, which is like living in a single-family home. There is a pocket that does have larger single-family homes as well. Rainbow Glen offers close freeway access and houses La Mesa Junior High. 

Sand Canyon And Robinson Ranch

While Whites Canyon is the oldest area of Canyon Country, Sand Canyon has some older homes as well. You’ll find some very old ranches in that area along with a lot of newer places, too. In this luxury-type community, most of those homes have quite a bit of land around them. 

Also in the area is Robinson Ranch, a gated golf course with beautiful estates surrounding it. So if you're looking for something with a little bit more space around you that’s on the higher end, Robinson Ranch is definitely a place you want to take a look at. There are plenty of oak trees, and the area makes you feel far away from everything while still being close to the amenities. 

Robinson Ranch has close freeway access, depending upon how far back up in the canyon you go. Even if you're at the farthest point in the canyon, though, you're probably just 10 to 12 minutes from the freeway. 

Fair Oaks Ranch

The next area we’re going to look at is Fair Oaks Ranch, a more recent community built in the 2000s and newer. This area has almost everything, including a gated condo townhome complex, an apartment complex, detached townhomes, and single-family homes. This means you can get something from a small 1,000-square-foot condo all the way up to a 4,000+ square foot house. 

Home prices will vary depending on what you're looking for. You’ll also have homeowner's associations in Fair Oaks Ranch, though not every home belongs to it. If having the community pool is important to you, you’ll definitely want to confirm if the home you're looking at belongs to that association.

Additionally, almost all of Fair Oaks Ranch does have a Mello Roos tax. The cost of this tax varies, so you’ll want to consider this if you’re buying a home in Fair Oaks Ranch.


The last community you’ll want to check out is Aliento. This is a fairly new and really cool area that also has a 55 and older community. As of right now, Aliento and Fair Oaks Ranch are the only two communities that are located on the southwest side of the 14 Freeway. 

However, there's another community that will be built in this area in the future—which means there will be an amendment to this eventually. Additionally, a lot of the homes in Aliento have Mello Roos taxes. Some of the homes are gated and some are not; it just depends on where you're looking in Aliento. While there is a variety of home options, there are no condos or townhomes in the area.


When it comes to Canyon Country, there are a lot of elementary schools in the area. When you find a neighborhood you really like, I recommend that you look into the elementary schools. The elementary school district that houses most of those elementary schools is Sulphur Springs Elementary School. In addition, there are a couple of schools in Canyon Country that are part of the Saugus Union School District. 

High schools in the area include Canyon High School and Golden Valley High School, which serve the entire Canyon Country area. These schools are both a part of the William S. Hart School District. We also have two Junior High Schools that are also part of the William S. Hart School District; these are Sierra Vista Junior High and La Mesa Junior High. 

The Canyon Country Community Center

Now that you know about the schools, let’s move on to some of the fun things to do in Canyon Country. One source of activities is the new Canyon Country Community Center. Open since October of 2021, this beautiful center has a nice big park area with playgrounds. They also host concerts in the park and have huge kitchens for cooking classes and community events—which you can reserve for different demonstrations.

Additionally, the community center offers a big ballroom that you can reserve for parties, meetings, and more. There are big basketball courts, a dance studio, after-school and summer school programs for the kids, and dancing classes for both kids and adults. With everything you could possibly think of, it’s definitely worth checking out these programs. The Community Center has a lot of events that are free as well, so don’t forget to look at the calendar to see what’s going on.

Fun Events And Activities

Another great place to have some fun is Route 66 Classic Grill. Wednesday nights between May and October, you can enjoy a Bike Night; on the second Saturday of every month from May to October, enjoy the Route 66 Grill Classic Car Show. Both are awesome events you don’t want to miss.

These events always draw a crowd. There’s usually a band, plenty of stuff to do, and a ton of people to talk to. Because it’s located in the same parking lot as the movie theater, a lot of parents will have the kids go to the movies while they have a drink, look at the bikes and cars, and enjoy their evening.

We also have MB2 Sports, which just opened at the border of Saugus and Canyon Country. This entertainment park has go-kart rides, axe throwing, bumper boats, miniature golf, a small bowling alley, and so much more. So if you're looking for a fun day or night out and want to experience some new and exciting activities, I definitely recommend checking this place out as well.

Bike And Skate Parks

The city of Santa Clarita also has some fun activities to offer. One is the Trek Bike Park, where kids and adults can enjoy off-road bicycling. The dirt track features fun jumps and offers plenty of enjoyment for the community. A lot of my clients’ kids love to go there, and the track is set up at certain times of the day for younger kids to join in. 

In addition, located near the Trek Bike Park is the Santa Clarita Skate Park. While I haven’t personally skated in it, I've gone and watched those that do. Some of these kids are just incredible, so if you have children, I do recommend checking that out. 

The Aquatic Center

In addition, the city of Santa Clarita also has an Aquatic Center. Here you will find a playground-type area that is all done in the water. There are slides, fountains, and all kinds of things for kids to do. There’s also an actual pool if you want to swim laps.

I do recommend the Aquatic Center as a great place to go on a hot summer day. Check the website to see some pictures of the facilities and get a closer look at the schedule, as there are certain days and times available for different age ranges. They also have classes and day camps in the summer that you won’t want to miss.

The Pros Of Living In Canyon Country

There are a few more things that people really like about Canyon Country. First, people love all of the bike paths. These wind throughout the area and stretch from Valencia all the way through Canyon Country. As you ride, you’ll go through some really beautiful scenery as well. 

Another thing that people love about Canyon Country—which I mentioned earlier—is that you have great freeway access. This is especially helpful if you are commuting north up towards Palmdale, Lancaster, and the Antelope Valley to companies like Lockheed, Northrop, and other big businesses.

Many people that work in those areas want their kids to go to schools here in Santa Clarita or have a spouse that commutes the other direction. Canyon Country is a great central location. Being located right off the 14 Freeway is awesome, making it a great commute whether you're going north or south. 

Lastly, the city of Santa Clarita only has one Costco—which is also located in Canyon Country. I know it sounds silly, but a lot of people that want to know about living in Canyon Country ask us where the Costco is. So don’t worry; you’ll have a Costco nearby if you live in Canyon Country. 

I’m Here To Help

I hope this gave you a good idea of everything that Canyon Country has to offer. If you have any questions about Santa Clarita or are thinking about making a move, please reach out and give us a call. I’ll be happy to share any information I have with you to make your transition easy.


Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of my show. We're going to be posting new information on this channel a couple of times a month, covering everything you need to know about Santa Clarita. If there’s anything specific you’d like me to cover, you can also reach out and I’ll make a note of it for a future video. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

June 10, 2022

All About Saugus, California

Are you thinking of moving to Santa Clarita, California, but don’t know which area to choose? In this video, I’m going to focus on one of the six areas of Santa Clarita: Saugus, California. We’ll explore the seven different communities that make up Saugus so you can see if this is the place that fits you best.

The six areas of Santa Clarita are Valencia, Newhall, Saugus, Canyon Country, and Stevenson's Ranch and Castaic—which are just outside the city limits but are still included. Today, we're going to focus on Saugus, which consists of seven different communities.

The 7 Areas Of Saugus

The main area—which was the original area of Saugus—is Bouquet Canyon. This area runs the entire stretch of Saugus and includes a lot of older homes off its main street. While you can find some newer properties, you’ll mostly find older houses in the Bouquet Canyon area.

In addition to that, we also have Plum Canyon, which is a little bit newer. They started building there in the mid-80s and continue to today. Currently, they're building a lot in the Plum Canyon area. The third area is Villa Metro, a fairly new gated community. It's a small community that was built between 2013 to 2016, and it’s already completely built out.

The next area is River Village, a really nice gated community that includes many higher-end homes and townhomes. While most of it is gated, there is a small section that is not gated. Saugus is also home to Five Knolls, another newer community that was just built in the last 5 to 10 years.

Another Saugus community is Copper Hill North, a great area that’s north of Copper Hill. Running the entire length of Saugus, Copper Hill is a little shorter than Bouquet Canyon’s distance but is still a big area of Saugus. Last is Circle J Ranch, which a lot of people don't think of as being part of Saugus. While it looks and feels more like Newhall, Circle J Ranch is actually part of Saugus as well.

Bouquet Canyon

Let’s dig in more to each of Saugus’ 7 areas, starting with Bouquet Canyon. As I mentioned earlier, Bouquet Canyon is the largest and oldest area of Saugus.

This area is also home to the only apartment complex within Saugus and the only mobile home park in Saugus—which you’ll find at the very far end of Bouquet Canyon, past all the houses. There are homes at pretty much every price point here, so you have a variety of options. Additionally, there are three different condo townhome complexes and many single-family residents in the area.

Parks And Recreation

Our largest park in Santa Clarita is located here in Bouquet Canyon, called Central Park. This is where we have all of our concerts in the park along with lighted baseball and basketball fields. It's a huge park spanning 106 acres with space for hiking and all kinds of activities.

There are a total of four city parks in the Bouquet Canyon area. Along with Central Park, locals have easy access to Bouquet Canyon Park, Santa Clarita Park, and Pamplico Park. In addition to that, there are quite a few small neighborhood parks that are not run by the city located within different neighborhoods of Bouquet Canyon.


If you are located in the Bouquet Canyon area, your kids are going to attend one of the five elementary schools in that area. Which one just depends on where you're at in the neighborhood. Schools include Emblem, Highlands, James Foster, Rosedell, and Santa Clarita Elementary.

All the kids in that area go to Arroyo Seco Junior High and on to Saugus High School. These are all great schools located in the Saugus area.

Copper Hill North

Now let's go to Copper Hill North. The homes here were built sometime between 1987 up to about 2016 or so, depending on where you're at in that area. Most of those homes do not have any Mello-roos tax, though there are a couple of neighborhoods that do. This is something you’ll want to be aware of when you're looking at homes in that Copper Hill North area.


The schools in this community are great. You either attend Mountain View or James Foster, which are both great elementary schools. Copper Hills North is a little bit smaller area than Bouquet Canyon, which is why there are only two elementary schools in this community.

The majority of students in the area attend Arroyo Seco Junior High and Saugus High School, just like those who live in Bouquet Canyon. However, there is a small pocket of the Copper Hill North area that goes to Rio Norte Junior High and Valencia High School. If you're going to buy a home in the area and you have school-aged kids, make sure you check on what schools they’ll attend.


Copper Hill North also has a couple of city parks, including Copper Hill Park and Pacific Crest Park. Both of those are really nice green spaces you can enjoy. There are also quite a few parks within the neighborhoods that are maintained by the neighborhood or the county.

Copper Hill Park and Pacific Crest Park are maintained by the city. These are beautiful parks, and you’ll find gorgeous views from Pacific Crest Park.

Plum Canyon

The next area we’ll explore is Plum Canyon. This is a great community a little further out and off the beaten path. While it’s a little bit farther from the freeway, residents have access to both the 5 and the 14 from that area. So if you hear the 5 is congested, you can get over on the 14 or vice versa. This is a big benefit to the area.

Housing Options

The homes in Plum Canyon were built starting in the mid-80s all the way up until today. In fact, there is building being done as we speak in that area. Some homes do have Mello-Roos tax and HOA fees, so you do want to make sure you're checking on that before you make any kind of decisions to ensure a house here will fit in your budget.

Parks And Schools

There is one beautiful city park in Plum Canyon called David March Park. In addition, there are quite a few parks in the area that are managed by the county.

If you’re living off of Plum Canyon, your kids are going to go to Plum Canyon Elementary School, Arroyo Seco Junior High, and Saugus High School. There is also a street coming off of Plum called Golden Valley. If you're in that area, your elementary school is going to be Skyblue Mesa Elementary—though the junior and high school will stay the same.


One really nice thing in the Plum Canyon area is that in the last year and a half, they’ve opened up a great shopping center. It’s got a great Italian restaurant, an ice cream shop, a yoga studio, a grocery store, gas station, and more.

It used to be that if you were out in Plum Canyon, there was nothing really available to you. Now, there are many more conveniences. It’s a really nice feature, and the neighborhood is really enjoying it.

Five Knolls

The next area is Five Knolls, a newer community built from 2015 to 2020. It’s a great neighborhood and, while it doesn’t have a city park, it does feature a community park. This park also has a dog park along with great views. Every time I've been there, it's been super clean.

If you live in Five Knolls, your kids will go to Golden Valley High School, La Mesa Junior High, and Highlands Elementary School. This location provides residents with a central location. You can get to the 14 quickly from Five Knolls—as well as anywhere else in the Santa Clarita Valley. This is because it’s located right off of Golden Valley and Newhall Ranch Road, which is kind of a cut-through for the entire area.

Lastly, just so you know, every home in Five Knolls does have a Mello-Roos tax and an HOA fee. You’ll definitely want to find out what that is if it's an area you're looking at.

River Village

The next area we’ll move on to is River Village, a nice neighborhood with great access to plentiful bike paths. Most of River Village is gated and is the site of really beautiful large homes, all priced over a million dollars. I haven't seen under $1 million in a long time in that area.

Depending on the size of the home, prices can go up from $1.6 to $1.7 million. The community also has a section of townhomes in River Village that start at about 1,800 square feet and go up to about 2,500 square feet. It’s a really beautiful complex with a gated townhome complex as well.

In River Village, your kids are going to the Emblem Academy for elementary, Arroyo Seco for junior high, and Saugus High School. Additionally, there are no city parks. All the parks are community parks, but they're not open to the public because most of the area is gated.

Villa Metro

The next area of Saugus is Villa Metro. A lot of people think it's not part of Saugus because it's located off of Soledad Candidate right across the street from the Metrolink—which used to be the old Saugus Speedway. There is a bridge that goes over, so if you're a commuter and use the Metrolink, you can easily get there from Villa Metro.

Mixed-Use Units

Villa metro was all built between 2013 to 2015. It's a very small, close-knit small community that’s gated with just a handful of units. Those units are multi-use, so you can have commercial space on the bottom floor and living space on the top floor. To get to the front door, you have to go through the gated area. The commercial area, however, actually faces the entrance to the complex.

People here have different types of things they do, from yoga studios to hairdressing studios. The units are small spaces, perfect for those working from home or small businesses. We don't have anything else like it right now in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Bike Paths And Schools

A great aspect of Villa Metro is that you do have great access to the bike paths just out of the backside of the gate. It's located right across the wash from River Village, and the bike paths run all along that area.

Villa Metro does have Mello-Roos tax and association fees, so make sure you factor that in when you're looking at your monthly payments. Additionally, the schools are great. Your kids will be going to Emblem Academy for elementary, Arroyo Seco for junior high, and Saugus High School.

Circle J Ranch

Last but not least is Circle J Ranch, located off of Newhall Avenue. Most people think it’s part of Newhall, but it's actually part of Saugus.

There are two areas of Circle J Ranch: the gated area and the non-gated area. The gated area of Circle J Ranch has gorgeous views and beautiful homes, with nothing under a million dollars. Just outside the gate, you’ll find custom homes that are $2 to $3 million.

You can also find homes that are less expensive as well. There aren't very many apartment complexes in Saugus, with just one in Bouquet Canyon and the other in Circle J Ranch. The area does not have any condos or townhomes, and prices are going to range anywhere from $750,000 up into the multi-million dollar range.

Circle J Ranch offers close freeway access, and there's a bridge that takes you right over Newhall Avenue and straight out to the 5 Freeway. It’s a really nice location for schools, and your kids will go to Newhall Elementary School, Placerita Junior High, and Hart High School.

Make Saugus Your Home

Now that you've heard about Saugus and all the different areas within it, I hope you'll find an area that you think is going to be right for you. Make sure you subscribe to our channel because we're going to go over all the different areas within Santa Clarita. We’ll talk about the positives and negatives of each so you can figure out what areas might work best for you.

If you have any questions about the schools in the area—including the Saugus School District, Newhall School District, and the Junior and High Schools—feel free to reach out and give us a call at 661-212-3413. Stay tuned to see what area of the Santa Clarita Valley I feature in the next video!


May 17, 2022

10 Things To Do In Santa Clarita, CA

Are you thinking about moving to Santa Clarita but aren’t sure what there is to do for fun? In this video, I’m going to tell you the top 10 things that people like to do here in Santa Clarita, California. We’ll explore everything from Six Flags to nature hikes so you get a good idea of what the area has to offer.


Fun At Six Flags Magic Mountain

As you probably know already, Santa Clarita is known for Six Flags Magic Mountain—and is often the first thing that people think of when they hear “Valencia” or “Santa Clarita.” Six Flags is a theme park that is located right here in the city of Santa Clarita. It spans over 250 acres with over 17 rollercoasters and a ton of other rides.

Six Flags was built in Santa Clarita in 1971 to draw people to the Santa Clarita Valley. Locals get season passes—which cost from $110 to $330—to come and go as they please and snag free parking. This is a great option to bypass the times when the park is really busy. When my daughter was really little, I used to take her for a couple of hours—just enough time to have a blast and then go back home.

Six Flags is a really fun place to go, and it’s the first job of many local high school kids. Don’t forget that we also have Hurricane Harbor, the waterpark right there at Six Flags Magic Mountain. When you buy season passes, it includes access to the waterpark as well. They have a lot of great slides and kids’ play areas that are a ton of fun.

Bike Trails

Another great activity to do in Santa Clarita is to go for a bike ride. We have over 80 miles of bike trails that are all paved, including bridges that go over the streets and tunnels that go under. You can get almost anywhere without hardly ever having to cross a busy street.


We also have 20 miles of paseos, which are little bike and walking paths within neighborhoods. These paths are interwoven throughout neighborhoods in Santa Clarita. Valencia is where you find the majority of our paseo systems, about 20 miles worth.


Our largest park in Santa Clarita is Central Park located in Saugus. Of course, this is not like New York Central Park, though it is very large at over 130 acres. It has all kinds of baseball fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, exercise areas, frisbee golf, and our first community garden area as well.

You’ll find over three miles of trails, some of which the cross country teams out here use for their practice areas. Don’t miss the Concerts in the Park to catch some awesome tribute bands during the summer months.

The Gibbon Conservation Center

Another thing you’ll want to check out in Santa Clarita is the Gibbon Conservation Center. Gibbons are a small type of ape that you can see up close at the Conservation Center, which is open to the public on the weekends. During the week, you can even make an appointment to get a private tour.

There is a small fee to get into the Gibbon Conservation Center, which you can check out on their website. The site also provides tons of information about the Gibbon and what they do to protect them at the Conservation Center. It's a fun, interesting experience and a great place to take the kids. Because the Gibbon Conservation Center is a nonprofit organization, you know your money's going to a good cause.

Public Art

In the city of Santa Clarita, we have a lot of public art pieces on display. You can take a self-guided driving/walking tour to different locations around the area. Art displays include paintings, sculptures, sidewalk art, poetry, and more that you won’t want to miss.

William S. Hart Ranch

Another Santa Clarita activity you’ll want to experience is a visit to William S. Hart Ranch. William S. Hart was a silent movie star back in the early 1900s. When he retired, he bought a ranch out here that has now been turned into a museum. The museum features all kinds of Western art and includes a saddle collection.

You’ll learn all kinds of information about what was going on in that timeframe in Santa Clarita. Additionally, the ranch area has bison, cows, and a petting zoo along with trails to hike around as well. It’s a great place to enjoy, and a lot of schools take the kids here on field trips. 

The Gentle Barn

I also recommend visiting is The Gentle Barn, which is open to the public on Sundays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. This rescue for farm animals features horses, cows, chickens, pigs, goats, and more. Visitors can come to feed and touch the animals, and you can even sign up for animal therapy sessions that involve hugging a cow.

Old Town Newhall

The next area we’ll look at is Old Town Newhall. They've been restoring Old Town Newhall, and it’s such a great little area. The beautiful restoration includes a brand new library, a new theater, and all kinds of restaurants, bars, and wineries.

There’s even a rooftop winery on Main Street that you’ve got to check out. Old Town Newhall is a great little area you can walk through. While it doesn't have big stores, there are little shops you can visit that are really nice.

On the third Thursday of every month from March through October, they have an event called SENSES Block Party. This party on the street includes bands, dancing, food trucks, and tastings from different restaurants on the street. During the holidays, they even have a tree lighting ceremony, along with more events on Main Street. Additionally, every Saturday morning features a farmer’s market, which you’ll want to check out as well.


Lastly, one of my favorite things to do is to hike. The hiking in Santa Clarita includes plenty of different areas that we have for hiking. There are easy trails where you can take kids and dogs along with more difficult trails as well. We are surrounded by mountains here in the Santa Clarita Valley, so many of our hikes have some incredible views.

If you like hiking, I definitely recommend you check these trails. Even if you don’t like hiking, there are some easier trails that offer beautiful views and scenery.

Enjoy Santa Clarita Living

I hope this gave you some insight into all the things you can do in Santa Clarita Valley and our surrounding areas. If you're thinking of moving to the city of Santa Clarita, there are many options for you. You can always feel free to reach out and give us a call.

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you never miss a video all about Santa Clarita. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

April 7, 2022

The 6 Areas Of The Santa Clarita Valley

Did you know there’s more to the Santa Clarita Valley than just riding roller coasters at Magic Mountain? In this episode of Living In Santa Clarita, I’m going to break down some of the areas of California’s Santa Clarita Valley so you can get a good idea of what it’s all about. We’ll look at the neighborhoods, communities, and amenities of the SCV so you can decide if living here is right for you.

Santa Clarita Valley is a great place to live. While it’s known for being the home of Six Flags Magic Mountain, there's so much more it offers. Santa Clarita Valley is actually broken down into six different areas: Valencia, Newhall, Saugus, Canyon Country, Stevenson Ranch, and Castaic. These last two areas have been kind of lumped into the Santa Clarita Valley area, although they are just outside of the city limits.


The first area of the Santa Clarita Valley we’re going to start with is Valencia. Valencia is the area that people think of when they think of Santa Clarita, especially because it’s where Magic Mountain is located. The area is a planned unit development community, so there are a lot of areas within Valencia that all have their own little HOAs. This includes mini pools and spas, little walkways that go throughout the community that are lit up at night, and a lot of shopping and restaurants.

Valencia is a focal point of the area, a place where people come to shop and eat. It’s close to the 5 Freeway, so prices are a little higher for the easy commute. The location lets you get to the San Fernando Valley or the city of LA for work. While it’s a little pricier in some of the other areas of Santa Clarita, it's beautiful.

The planned development community makes it so that all the roadways have a lot of greenery and trees. You'll really appreciate what you get there for your money, and the schools are great—meaning you don't have to worry about private schools. A lot of people thinking about relocating to LA County are often attracted to the Valencia area.


The next area of Santa Clarita we’re going to look at is Newhall, the oldest area within the city of Santa Clarita. It’s the small triangular area just as you get to the 5/14 Interchange. If you take the 14, it’s the first couple of exits. If you take the 5, it’s the first two exits. Newhall is where a lot of filming started back in the 40s and 50s, and even silent movies were filmed here. A lot of country western movies were also filmed in Newhall back in the day.

This is an area where a lot of people came to hang out because they wanted to get away from LA. Many old-time movie stars that came out to Santa Clarita stayed in Newhall to take a break from the rat race—if you could call it a rat race back then. You can also find Disney Ranch Studios here—which is doing filming still to this day—that has a whole little ranch off of Placerita Canyon. We also have William S. Hart Park, a great place to enjoy petting zoos and museums.

In addition, Santa Clarita has had over 1,500 film days last year, meaning that over four people were filming on average per day all of last year. Our entire city as a whole made over $37 million in revenue just from filming that happened here in Santa Clarita. Don't be surprised as you're driving through the area to see people out there filming a show or movie.


Our next stop is Saugus, a great little area that’s just a bit farther from the freeway. Depending on where you're at in Saugus, you can work anywhere. It takes about 8 to 15 minutes once you get off the freeway to get to your home. This nice area nestled in the mountains also boasts great schools.

Much of the construction is a little bit newer, starting from the 1970s and spanning until today. There's also quite a bit of construction going on in Saugus. Overall, you're going to get slightly bigger yards for your money and a little bit bigger home for your money. The yards in Saugus are overall a little larger than in Valencia because you’re farther from the freeway.

Living in Saugus gives you the chance to feel like you’re away from it all, and it’s an area I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a home. It’s a nice, quaint area with really good schools. I raised my daughter in Saugus and had a great experience.

Canyon Country

Canyon Country is located just a little bit farther up the 14 freeway from where Newhall is. It’s not too far commute-wise, with most of Canyon Country located close to freeway access. Some really cool things have been added to Canyon Country in the last few years, with our community center as the most recent addition.

This beautiful community center has amazing artwork, great playgrounds, large rooms for dance classes, and even a whole kitchen for cooking classes. It also offers daycare and after-school care for kids, so it’s something you’ll really want to take a look at. In addition, they also have the bike track, which is a dirt bike race track for pedal dirt bikes—not motorcycles.

There's also a great skatepark in Canyon Country, where a lot of kids go and hang out. There are jumps and ramps and all that good stuff for them. Additionally, the local sports complex has a water park and more cool things offered to local residents. Lastly, we just recently opened our new state-of-the-art sheriff's station in Canyon Country as well.

Stevenson Ranch

A lot of people are attracted to the area of Stevenson Ranch. This community is close to freeway access and features newer built homes from the mid-80s to the early 2000s. It's a beautiful community located up on hillsides with plenty of cool views. Additionally, the community has low association fees, so there aren’t any community pools or spas. However, they do have a great park with lots of tennis courts.

Because Stevenson Ranch is close to the freeway, living here means you’re close to a lot of restaurants. Commute-wise, you can't beat it. If you're a commuter, you’ll definitely want to check out Stevenson Ranch. Home options range anywhere from condos up to multimillion-dollar properties, depending upon what you're looking for.


Castaic is also just a little bit farther north up the 5 Freeway, so you're going to have to travel a little bit further north. Again, Castaic is located right off of the freeway, so there's not a whole lot of driving once you get off the freeway. This area boasts Castaic Lake and offers fishing, boating, water skiing, snow skiing, paddle boarding, and all kinds of outdoor activities.

You can also find a nice, newer sports complex along with plenty to do in the area. There’s tons of hiking, making Castaic the perfect spot for outdoorsy people. There's also the canyon, which is going to have a lot of horse property as well. So if you're looking for something where you can keep your horses right there at your home, that might be an option for you.

In the last three years, Castaic added a state-of-the-art high school with many cool features. It’s more like a junior college than a high school, and they are doing open enrollment. Because it's such a large school, people are coming there from other parts of the Santa Clarita Valley just to be able to attend.

Make The SCV Your Home

I hope this gave you an overall view of each area of the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas. In future videos, I’m going to do a deep dive into these individual areas so you get to know each one in detail. So if you’re considering making a move to Santa Clarita, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of my show.

If you have any questions or just want to talk about possibly making a move, please feel free to reach out and give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you!

March 21, 2022

All About Living In Castaic, California

Are you thinking about moving to Castaic, California, and wonder what it would be like? In this video, I’m going to take you on a tour of Castaic Lake and show you all that this amazing area has to offer. We’ll look at everything from things to do and the cost of living to home options so you know exactly what it would be like to live here.


Welcome To Castaic Lake

Castaic Lake is located just north of the Santa Clarita Valley. From the San Fernando Valley, it's about a 20 to 25-minute drive. One of the reasons why people like moving to Castaic is that you get a little bit more home for your money.

You're also going to get larger lots and you have a great outdoor lifestyle. There’s Castaic Lake—where you can visit and waterski—along with the lower lake where you can paddleboard and kayak. There is also lots of hiking in the area.

Hiking Trails

One of my favorite trails is right above Castaic Lake. To get to the waterfall trail, you're going to take the Lake Hughes Road exit and go up above Castaic Lake for about eight miles. This beautiful trail has a spot where you’ll wade through some water, so make sure you wear something or bring some water shoes that will allow you to do so.

Depending upon the time of the year, it can even be waist-deep. At the end of the trail are beautiful waterfalls; while I would not recommend doing this and would never do it myself, people often jump off the rocks into a small pond of water at the bottom. This trail It's a really cool, neat area where you feel like you're a million miles away from everything—when in reality it’s only eight miles.

In addition, the Upper Lake is great for waterskiing. You’ll definitely want to go first thing in the morning or late in the evening because you’ll get the best water at that time of day.

Plenty Of Activities

The area of Castaic is also home to our Humane Society. If you have ever volunteered for the Humane Society or you're looking to pick up an animal in Castaic, this is where you can go. So be sure to visit the Humane Society—and hopefully adopt a new pet for your family.

A few years ago, they also added a great sports center here in Castaic. So if your kids are involved in sports, there's a sports center where they can play basketball, baseball, and all the different sports. Another thing people don't realize is that if you love horses, there’s a place for you here. Explore Hasley Canyon for Castaic’s ranches and horse properties; every home in that area is on an acre and a half or more.

So if you really want to have a horse and want to be able to have it right there at your home, this might be an area worth looking at as well.

Enjoy Santa Clarita Valley Living

I hope this gave you a lot of insight into living in the Castaic area. If you're looking at Castaic or any area in the Santa Clarita Valley, please subscribe to my channel. We cover all of Santa Clarita Valley, from the good, the bad, and the ugly of different areas here to restaurants, bars, and more.

If you have any questions about the area or real estate in general, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help. Stay tuned to see what I feature next time on my channel!

Feb. 23, 2022

The Pros And Cons Of Living In Stevenson Ranch, CA

Are you thinking about moving to Stevenson Ranch, California, and want to know what it’s really like? In this episode of Living In Santa Clarita, I’m going to give you the pros and cons of living in Stevenson Ranch so you know exactly what to expect. We’ll look at everything from housing options to HOAs so you can decide if this community is right for you.



An Ideal Location

Stevenson Ranch is a great community in California. It features two-bedroom townhomes starting in the mid $400,000 range along with single-family homes starting around $800,000, going up into the $2.5 million range. The one thing people love most about Stevenson Ranch is the proximity to the freeway. You're so close to the 5 Freeway, making this a great neighborhood for commuters.

Additionally, there are a lot of shopping and tons of restaurants in the area. Within Stevenson Ranch itself, there's just a little pocket in the neighborhood of local restaurants—such as a small donut shop. These offer nearby options and, while they’re not large chains, are conveniently located right in the community.

Schools And Views

The second reason people choose Stevenson Ranch is because of the schools. All four schools are award-winning, including Pico Canyon Elementary School, Stevenson Ranch Elementary School, West Ranch High School, and Rancho Pico Junior High School. All the schools that accommodate the neighborhood are great places for your kids to get their education.

Along with location and schools, the third thing people love about living in Stevenson Ranch is the views. You have some great views, including beautiful parks and quite a bit of hiking nearby. There are some incredible hikes in Stevenson Ranch and just outside of the neighborhood that allow you to take in the scenery around you.

HOA Fees

Now that you know what is truly awesome about Stevenson Ranch, let’s talk about some things that could be improved. While there's not a whole lot there, there are a few things you should consider. The first thing that I think some people don't like is the HOA.

The payment is not much if you're living in a single-family home, though they’ll be a little higher if you're living in a condo or townhome. This is because the HOA fees cover the buildings and exterior of condos and townhomes.

Amenities And Mello Roos

However, the HOA for Stevenson Ranch really only covers that big mountain as you're coming in and some of the common area maintenance. There are no community pools, spas, tennis courts, clubhouses, or anything like that—unless you're living in the townhome complexes that do have pools.

When people purchased these homes back in the day, the neighborhood was supposed to have a lake, pools, and more amenities. The HOA was also going to be quite a bit higher. However, when they did the build-out, they decided to eliminate those things.

The other thing that some people don't like about Stevenson Ranch is that some of the homes do have a Mello Roos tax. If you are home searching, make sure that you check into whether or not that home has a Mello Roos tax. Some homes are getting a little older, and those Mello Roos have dropped off. However, you’ll need to ask your realtor when you’re home shopping to find out for sure.

Make Stevenson Ranch Your Home

I hope this gave you a good idea of everything that Stevenson Ranch has to offer. If you’d like more information about this community or other areas of the Santa Clarita Valley, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help.

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